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Trios - World best intraoral 3D scanner

inLab Milling Machine for create accurate prosthodontics



Kyunghee University college of Dentistry, DMD

Prosthodontist Specialist

Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea Residency Trainee

Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Clinical professor

Ulsan University College of Dentistry, Ulsan, Clinical professor

The clinical research center of Osstem Implant


This 3D dental scanner is the first step for better treatment result. It gives you more precise restoration without distortion from traditional material. You do not need taste the messy impression material any more. It saves your time and our efforts.

Inlab MCx5

Our machine from Germany fabricates your crown and veneer with the data from Trios. Thanks to this machine, you only wait one day for crown and veneer.


Your true 3D face model can be created in seconds. Mostly this is for use in dental implant surgery with CAD/CAM system. With these technologies, your implant will be placed precisely in a safe manner!


This fully-automatic infection control machine for handpieces makes your treatment safer. It meets FDA standards.

Kavo Air Scaler

This new scaler gives you the minimum sensitivity while you get a cleaning at our clinic. With the newest technology, it uses different vibration from the traditional ultrasonic scaler, making your cleaning more comfortable and faster.

Painless injection device

This machine is a computer-assisted system for local anesthesia. It carefully guides dental professionals as they are performing dental injections. It makes you experience painless dental injection with the best comfort.

3D Printer

In-house designed surgical guide and night guard will be printed with the machine from

TMJ physical treatment machine

With hot and cold massage system with electronic stimulation with relieve your jaw pain right away.